BNMT hosts Health Link Nepal secretariat

British Ambassador
British Ambassador

The Health Link initiative has been launched to mark the close links between the UK and Nepal in the development of Nepal’s health sector and the forthcoming anniversary of 200 years of UK-Nepal diplomatic relations.

Since the 1950s, UK based agencies and the UK government have played a major role in developing Nepal’s health services while many UK health professionals have gained invaluable experience working on programmes in Nepal.

The first element of Health Link is a “Discussion Forum” which aims to engage and promote debate on key health issues in Nepal.  Both international and national experts will promote discussion on health issues, health research and health care developmental efforts in Nepal.

The Health Link website at has information about organisations working on health in Nepal and publications on health in Nepal that have a UK connection.  There are also links to Government of Nepal organisations and publications.  In addition it provides information for UK students who wish to become interns or volunteers or carry out research in Nepal.  the site also serves as a platform for interns and volunteers to share their experiences of working in Nepal.

The e-discussion part of the website provides a platform for health professionals, researchers and other interested people to discuss topical issues to do with health in Nepal.