TB strikes twice

Krishna Bahadur BK is 36 and from the Bharatpur municipality.  He has 2 children; a 9 year old daughter and an 11 year old son.  He is currently living with his daughter.  Unfortunately his wife left him a year ago and is now remarried. During this difficult year he has been suffering from a cough, fever, loss of appetite and gradual weigh loss.  He had thought these symptoms were related to the breakdown of his marriage.

Seeing his condition his neighbour suggested he go to hospital for a check-up.  The doctor immediately suspected TB and referred him for sputum microscopy.  He gave three sputum samples which confirmed he had active pulmonary TB.  The doctor recommended a 6 month course of treatment and referred him to the National Tuberculosis Programme.  Krishna completed the treatment and following a final sputum test was declared cured.

Six months after being cured and Krishna began to suffer once again with a cough, chest pain and loss of appetite. However, thinking that TB could not recur once treated he did not seek medical help.

A few weeks later a TB Reach project volunteer visited his home to identify close contacts for TB screening.  They listened to his story and were concerned at the recurrence of symptoms.  They asked him to provide 3 sputum samples over the next few days and took the 1st spot specimen.

Once again he tested positive for TB.  He was counselled and referred to the nearest urban DOTS centre (Aaptandi) for treatment.  Krishna is now taking regular CAT II treatment.  He is recovering and has been able to return to work.