The Orientation has provided the Courage for me to Speak Out

hivMr. Hari Bahadur Rajbanshi from Morang district went to Mumbai, India in search of a job where he worked for 10 years. During his stay in Mumbai, he started to visit brothels and engage in sexual activities during his leisure time thus, making him a prime target for HIV infection. Upon returning from India knowing he was HIV positive, he hide this from his family mainly because of social stigma and the fear that his reputation would be tarnished. This decision led to both his wife and daughter being affected by HIV/AIDS.

Hari Rajbnashi was a participant in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme jointly organised by BNMT and the District Public Health Office (DPHO) in Morang district. This two day orientation was targeted towards migrant workers and their families about HIV/AIDS infection, the access to Anti Retroviral Treatment in the district, safe migration as well as coping strategies for infected and affected families.

Till the orientation programme, Hari Rajbanshi had not shared his story with any of his friends and the local community fearing stigmatisation. However, during the orientation programme, he stated that he realised the importance of sharing his story and his experiences with others just like him.

After the orientation, Hari Rajbnashi has become one of the best ambassadors for this cause in raising awareness on the spread of HIV/AIDS amongst migrant labourers, teenagers and students in his community.