Early Diagnosis Could Save

Rajnisha Sada is the 8 year old son of Mr Raj Deve Sada and Tetari Devi Sada and lives in Ram Gopalpur-3, Mahottari.

He had a 30 day history of cough, fever, night sweats and weight loss.  His parents took him to Bairginiya to see a doctor.  He was given a diagnosis of Typhoid.  Despite Rajnisha’s parents ensuring his compliance with the prescribed treatment his condition did not improve.

His parents took him to two other doctors and again he was treated with antibiotics but did not improve.  At this point his family had already spent 3,000 rupees on treatment.

On the way to the 4th health institution and desperate for help they received advice from a female community health volunteer from Ramgopalpur VDC who was working as part of the TB Reach Project implemented by BNMT and RD.

During discussion between his parents and the volunteer a close contact with TB (Rajnisha’s grandfather) was revealed.  The volunteer counselled them on the signs, symptoms and transmission of TB as well as the treatment process and free governmental services available.

Rajnisha’s sputum was collected and transported for microscopy and contact tracing was set in motion.  His sputum tested positive for TB.  He was immediately enrolled into a local treatment programme and started medication.  His close family have also all been tested.