50th Anniversary of BNMT celebrated in UK

A celebration of the 50 year anniversary of the Trust was held at the Nepalese Embassy in London on 16th November 2017.

His Excellency the Ambassador, Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi, was the chief guest of the evening which was attended by over 70 supporters and ex Trust members.

Dr Barney Rosedale – one of the original medical team – gave an excellent talk on the planning for the trip and setting up the health care programme in Biratnagar hospital in 1967 before extending the programme into the hills of the eastern region and the focus of the Trust on Tuberculosis. Dr Gillian Holdsworth (co-Chair of BNMT UK) provided an overview of 50 years of improving health in Nepal and the contribution which BNMT has made. Dr Kulesh Thapa – Director of BNMT UK in Nepal, Mr Suman Gurung – Executive Director of BiratNMT and Mr Mahesh Sharma – Chairman on BiratNMT talked about the work of the Trust today and the establishment of and partnership with Birat Nepal Medical Trust and Professor Surya Subedi (co-Chair of BNMT UK) provided an excellent political analysis of Nepal today. His Excellency Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi made a speech and presentations to Hannah, daughter of Dr Ian Baker, which she received on his behalf and Dr Raghav Dhital and Mr Mahesh Sharma. Finally – a photograph of six members of the original team of 11 who travelled overland in 1967 was taken with His Excellency the Ambassador.

Mrs Di Chadwick SRN, Dr Vinton Chadwick, Dr Penny Cunningham, Dr J O B Rosedale, Nepal Ambassador, Ambassador’s wife, Dr John Cunningham (above) Rosemary Reid SRN,Peter Hawksworth, Gill Kelly SRN, Sheena Gordon SRN, Pru Hunt SRN, Mr J.P Ward.

Mrs Sheena Ward (Nee Gordon) SRN, Mr J P Ward, MS , FRCS, Hi Excellency Ambassador Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi, Mrs Gill Stewart (Nee Kelly) SRN, Mrs Rosemary (Nee Reid) SRN, Dr J O B Rosedale, Mr Peter Hawksworth

Hannah receiving a presentation for Dr Ian Baker from His Excellency Ambassador Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi

The audience

The audience

Dr Johnny Payne – Trustee

Suman Gurung Executive director of BNMT Nepal; Mr Mahesh Sharma Chairoman of BNMT Nepal; Dr Gillian Holdsworth co-Chair of BNMT UK; His Excellency Ambassador Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi; Dr Raghav Dhital – Trustee of BNNT UK

Prof Surya Subedi co Chair BNMT UK; Barney Rosedale member of the original team; Claudia McConnell (ex Trust member and Trustee); Frank Guthrie (ex Trust member); Caroline Payne (ex Trust member)